Our investment portfolio is widely diversified among healthcare facility types and segments such as medical office buildings, ambulatory surgery centers, behavioral facilities, physician clinics, specialty centers and long-term acute care centers, as well as being diverse both geographically and with respect to our tenant base. We invest in properties where we can develop strategic alliances with financially sound healthcare providers that offer need-based healthcare services in our target markets.

Diversification by Property Type as Percentage of Annualized Revenue

(As of December 31, 2017)

    Diversification by State as Percentage of Annualized Revenue

    (As December 31, 2017)

      As of December 31 2017 our portfolio consisted of 86 properties including one mortgage investment across 26 states, totaling over 2.0 million square feet. Properties are 91.7% occupied with lease expirations ranging from 2017 through 2032. No single tenant accounts for more than 8% of consolidated revenues.

      A Few of Our Properties…

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