About CHCT

Community Healthcare Trust, Inc. (NYSE:CHCT) is a leading Healthcare Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) headquartered in Franklin, Tennessee. We own a diverse, quality portfolio of properties including physician offices, specialty centers, behavioral facilities, inpatient rehabilitation facilities, and medical office buildings across the United States.

Our portfolio is diversified by asset type, operator and industry segment, which, combined with our highly focused strategy, financial strength and experienced management team, has enabled us to deliver consistently outstanding returns to our shareholders since inception.


Enterprise Value


Properties Owned in 34 States



Growth Strategy

We grow our portfolio of healthcare properties through acquisitions of non-urban healthcare facilities that provide stable revenue growth and predictable long-term cash flows. In general, we focus on individual acquisition opportunities of $10 million or less, in off-market or lightly marketed transactions and do not participate in competitive bidding or auctions of properties.

Management’s network of relationships in the healthcare industry has yielded abundant opportunities to acquire attractive healthcare properties in our target markets from third-party owners of existing healthcare facilities, physician owners and directly with healthcare providers through sale/leaseback transactions.

We seek to invest in properties where we can develop strategic alliances with financially sound healthcare providers that offer needs-based healthcare services in our target markets.

Total Shareholder Return

Community Healthcare Trust has delivered exceptional value to its shareholders since its IPO in 2015


Total Shareholder Return Since Inception


Total Asset Growth Since Inception


Consecutive Quarter of Dividend Growth

Portfolio Overview

As of September 30, 2022 our portfolio consisted of 161 properties across 34 states, totaling approximately 3.545 million square feet. Properties are 90.8% occupied with lease expirations ranging from 2022 through 2039. No single tenant accounts for more than 10.9% of total annualized rent.