Community Healthcare Trust is investing in non-urban healthcare real estate where we can develop strategic alliances with financially sound healthcare providers that offer high quality healthcare services in sustainable non-urban markets. We are investing in properties that are integral to providing need based healthcare services to a stable or growing population base.


We believe healthcare providers will need to invest a significant amount of capital in non-urban areas over the next several decades in order to:


  • provide lower cost healthcare in the patients’ local communities than they can by transporting the non-urban population to high cost urban centers, and


  • ramp up their services as there are natural population increases in the non urban areas and as the Affordable Care Act brings more of the non-urban population base into some type of insurance coverage.


Our goal is to develop relationships with these healthcare providers and invest, with them, in their local communities.


Tenants of our properties include many nationally recognized healthcare providers (or their affiliates), such as Adventist, HCA, Fresenius, and AmSurg.

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